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Nicaragua Kosher Advice

Nicaragua Nicaragua, tarvel advice for the kosher traveler. There is not alot of kosher options in Nicaragua. Only the Chabad in San Juan del Sur. Thet Has a kosher restaurant and a hotel right next to it. Threre is also A falafel restaurant runned by Chabad. Other than the Chabad there isn't much kosher options in Nicaragua. You can find some importet products with a kosher symbol, especially in the big supermarkets, you can find Cearol, milk from costa rica (not chalav israel), pasta, pringles and other kind of cheaps, penuts, and some spices etc...
Cooking for yourself is always a challenge while traveling but in Nicaragua alot of the hotels and specialy dormitory hostels will have a kitchen (cusin) that you can use for yourself to cook, (of course you need to have your own keilim, and be extra carful to keep an eye on your food while cooking, some other people may use your keilim to make there food like your knife etc... ) Cooking is a big part of the Spanish culture so its very normal you should ask the hostel or hotel if that have a kitchen for you to Cook almost all Spanish travelers will like to Cook there own food even while traveling.
For shabas if you find yourself not in the area of the chabad, there is alot of quiet villages ne'er the beach, there you can make your own shabas and enjoy the peace, fish markets are not so papuler as fruite and vegetables markets but avrey city has one just ask around by the locals and you'll find it.
Getting Around Nicaragua:
The bus stop in san Juan del sur is in front of the central market and will get you to many local destinations. Public buses or “chicken buses” are the most economical and local way to travel. They can also be the slowest way to get around as they can also be rather crowded. The most efficient and cost effective way to get around is using the express buses that have air conditioning and make fewer stops along the routes.
San Juan del Sur How to get to San Juan del sur. Coming from Costa Rica after crosing the border, there will be busses to anywhere you want,
look around for the bus to rivas (there maybe busses direct to San juan del sur, ask around) take the bus to Rivas and tell the driver (or you can ask any of the locals where you need to get of) that you are going to San Juan del sur, he will drop you at the junction to San Juan del sur about 20 minutes by bus,
cross the street and make a laft (its the only street you can turn so don't worry you cant get lost) go to the bus stop about 300m and wait for the bus, the bus thet will come wil get you to San Juan del sur, (This road runes into San Juan del sur there no other roads )
Right after you come in San Juan look at your right side and you will see the Chabad house, you cant miss it its on the main road, you can tell the guy or the driver that you need Chabad he will drop you of there everyone knows it.
The same diraction can be done the opisite way coming from north to south (wich is the more popular way to travel central America , take a bus heading to the direction of the Costa Rica border, go down by the junction of San Juan del sur and follow the above direction....
Nicaragua has a tiny Jewish community, most having left Managua after an earthquake in 1972. Seven years later, the Sandinistas seized the country’s only synagogue and the remaining Jewish population went into exile, mainly to the US and Israel. A small number have returned and there is a tiny synagogue which recently received a new Torah scroll.

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